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PhotoBucket Change of Service Terms Affects CountryPlans Forum (July 1, 2017)

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This is an important message regarding the health of this forum. We are very interested in your input.

PhotoBucket, the image sharing service that many of you rely on, has started charging for image linking, and is charging what we consider an exorbitant amount - $399 a year per user.

This policy was implemented by PhotoBucket a few days ago without warning, and as of now, a large number of your existing topics that link to PhotoBucket images have gone "dark".  Your topic text and replies still exist here, but the images are replaced with a link to the PhotoBucket P500 subscription service that allows image linking.

The images you have posted are in a large part the value of this forum. We are by no means the only forum to be affected by this. Many other forums and blogs have suddenly been devalued - consider the time and effort people go through here to document their cabin projects!

We are considering what to do about this.

1. We would like to hear your ideas.

2. If possible, move your images to another reliable hosting service. At this point we cannot recommend you maintain any relationship with PhotoBucket. Imgur, Google Photos, DropBox, FaceBook, and ImageShack have been suggested as commercial alternatives, and may or may not involve a fee.

3. Relink the images stored on your new hosting service in your topics.  We will be providing direction on how to do this shortly, and recognize for some this is a Herculean task.

All that said, there is no guarantee that this will not happen again (as many of us learned from MySpace). These are all commercial image storing services. What is free now, may not be free, or may not even exist, in the future.

Please keep this in mind: we at CountryPlans are constrained by costs of server hosting, and bandwidth. This forum is solely financially supported by one person, John Rabbe, who to date, has wanted to keep the forum entirely free. It is also supported by a few volunteer administrators who are passionate about it and mostly donate their time.  Like many online forums, we are at the edge of what we can support financially. Not allowing direct photo uploads to date has been a financial decision.

Your comments on this will be taken under consideration.

-- Harlow

I personally find this forum extremely informative and without pictures to reinforce ideas/concepts, well it just would not be the same.
I would contribute financially to this forum if the opportunity presented itself, I am sure that I am not by myself.


I have been linking to my Facebook images more and more as Photobucket's service has gotten worse and worse.
I have been downloading my albums off PB and when I'm done I will be deleting my PB account.
Had enough of PB issues.

I closed my PB account yesterday. Luckily, I have all of the photos saved, but all of my threads on various forums are trashed. I don't plan on using another hosting site, free or not. I'm old and cranky, and it would be a ton of work to restore those threads. My build thread here didn't generate all that much interest anyway, as it wasn't your typical small house/cabin build. I used to use the link to my build to interested folks, but no more. Once bitten, twice shy. If you want to look at pics of my build, c'mon over, I'll put the coffee on, and we'll look through my photo albums, like God intended.

I would add that Google Photos no longer allows direct linking.  It used to back when it was "picassaweb".  But not any more.  Luckily, the photos that I added this way still show up (although sometimes rotated for some reason).  But google photos is not an alternative to photobucket.

$399/yr?  Wow!!


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