Question about cracks on the concrete wall

Started by nicholasklein, June 11, 2024, 11:30:17 PM

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I'm building a concrete block wall house. The footer is 3 foot wide, 13 inches deep and filled with 4200 psi steel fiber mix along with two runs of rebar around the perimeter of the house footer. The footer concrete is also poured on very hard ground. The concrete block was stacked last year.merge fruit However, today, there are some small cracks in the walls around the window. The cracks are the widest at the top and travel almost all the way down to the footer.  There is not a roof on yet either.

Is this normal settling of things or what ?
Thanks in advance!


Wow that is one hell of a footer.

My footer is about 8 months old and my foundation is about 3-6montsh old depending on what section you look at.  I have a couple hairline top-bottom vertical cracks on the outside of the blocks.  Pretty sure it's settling or thermal expansion/cycling.  

Don't know what this situation is for you but I can tell you I am not concerned in the slightest about those cracks in my blocks.  If they were horizontally sheared or start to become more than 1/4" wide I might start sweating.  Houses are gonna settle a little.   But I can also tell you I am the least knowledgeable person on this entire forum, hope you get some better input.