greenhouse off log house?

Started by rusticrural, February 24, 2023, 09:27:53 AM

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sorry if theres at least one prior forum thread somewhere (that I might had not found yet) but..

is there any particular issues with having a timber-framed greenhouse room directly attached to a natural log house? it'll be built from reclaimed beams so there is no green logs to accommodate for with if that detail helps (beside that it would be in east canada so theres our winters and all, I likely would had left the interior door open during some colder sunny days but otherwise shut it nearly 24/7 during summer as to leave the pots warm but not making the house too warmed up!)

heres a web photo I could find which is alike to what I would had thought of building myself;


I don't see why there would be unless it's a new log house and has some settling to do -- then I'd attach the greenhouse the same way you frame the windows and doors to allow for movement.


One potential issue with attaching a timber-framed greenhouse room directly to a natural log house is the need to manage moisture levels to prevent excess humidity carefully and potential damage to the log structure over time.


Your idea is quite unique. However, it is not easy to embark on implementation. Additionally, there are certain moisture management concerns that should be carefully avoided since they could eventually harm the wood structure.


Doing this will make your house more stuffy and mold will appear on the pieces of wood. This will cause your wood to rot faster