Solar System. Upgrade or adding on

Started by Hunterscabin, September 06, 2022, 11:05:55 AM

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At present, I have a 100 watt solar panel, 1deep cycle marine battery and 1200 watt inverter.
For the three led lights, phone charger and iPad charging it was enough.
The power company's bid was 29K. Too much for this ole man.
I have a Jenny for the microwave and coffee pot.
What I would like to do is enlarge the system to cover the CPAP machine usage. I charge the portable one during the day. But it craps out at about 3am.
I do not have power requirements data for the electric one I normally use.
Are there any suggestions to maybe adding more solar panels and batteries for this?
Am I leaving anything out? Thanks all


I have solar panels and also recommend to purchase to them SereneLife SLSPG20 Portable Generator I set it up and ran it to see how many nights i could get on a single charge and how long it would take to recharge it using solar panels (I have a portable 120W solar panel). Much to my surprise, this battery lasted the entire week.


There is an Off Grid Power thread at the top of this section.  You may get more eyes on this issue if you post your question there.