My first posted project- basement door replacement

Started by oblivionboyj, August 01, 2010, 08:17:12 PM

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So I started the project before I started with the photos, so I do not have a before.
But these are the doors I took off. They were flimsy and offered no security at all. I put my foot through one trying to hold it still while removing it.

Here is the hole in the basement ready accept the new frame.

Here is a shot of the steel side frames and the concrete header. There was a 3x6 wood header I removed for clearance.

Here is the doors mocked in after I put in the new header. They are a matching set of steel faced exterior doors, with brass kick plates, that I found at a garage sale for $1 each.

The new header is two 2x4s side by side with shims under them to fit the steel mount point.
On the header there is a 2x4 mounted thresh hold.
The door are going to swing out.
More to come as I take photos of progress...


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A dollar each for the doors?
You couldn't negotiate a better price?  :)


Yeah, I love it when you find just what you need for almost nothing  :)