Glenn's Underground Cabin Update

Started by glenn kangiser, January 30, 2005, 10:24:03 PM

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Hi Glenn,

I have been researching the possibility of making my own one story elevator and was referred here to your page...all  213 of them!!

Any how, can't find the info but assume it's here. Can you please point me in the right direction?

Thank you,
Jeff Clark
Log Home Builder
Retired, (mostly)


Well Glenn, I finally finished reading all 214 pages! I've had some spare time as a new trucker, free of wife and kids for several days to several weeks at a time... so, could read in peace and quiet. So much to think on... I really have enjoyed it, and maybe will start poking around the other posts.on the forum too. ;-)

One good thing is that my wife has finally agreed that escaping the city is a good idea, raising kids in the country, and after seeing a couple YouTube videos of your's and some pictures of the wofatis out at Paul Wheaton's place, she likes the idea for our retirement house. She likes the possibilities of hanging stuff of the ceiling in the kitchen, the round wood ceilings and walls, but isn't sure about the flooring yet.

Maybe we can start with an RV or travel trailer to start staying on the land, and as we build. She agrees that we don't need a huge house, so I need to investigate basic plans for mainly 3 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and a living room. Other than that she wants plenty of outdoor/covered space, a 3 season kitchen and shower, at least 2 shipping containers for a shop/storage and maybe one on a pad welded down for a storm shelter (being in Missouri.)

Some of the pics on this thread show up fine, some are blurry and say Photobucket, and some never appear... wish I'd have found you earlier and been able to see them all. :)

Anyways, hope you and your family are all doing well. Thanks for all the info, and I want to document our journey when we get working, and hopefully be half as inspiring to someone else as you have been to me. The Lord bless you! Leif


It's with a heavy heart that I post the following about Glenn.  It's unknown whether the forum will get word of the passing of Glenn Kangiser which happened on Monday , August 21st .  I thought there are several people that would like to know.  

Only fitting that I post this in his thread.  If I know Glenn and he would say "thanks John".  He had helped me with my construction of Dogtrot on numerous occasions over the last 14 years.  I am sure there are countless people of whom he has helped on Country Plans.  

So in closing if you had any conversations with him and would like to share I believe this is the place to remember him.

So Glenn RIP my friend.  


Thank you John. It appears it was dudden, though I can find no mention of a cause, nor any obituary. That may take some time.
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


:( I am sorry sorry to hear of his passing.  He will be missed! 


Hello everyone,

I'm glad the news has already made it here about my father so I wouldn't have to break it to you. We got the autopsy back for my dad (Glenn) and he passed away from congestive heart failure. He had one too many miles on the old ticker.

I appreciate everyone who spent time with my father and made him feel at home. I know he loved the community here on the and he would have wanted me to let someone know.

We are throwing a small service for him this weekend at the house and I'd like to thank you all for treating my father as a friend.


Aaron Kangiser

Adam Roby

:(  I just read the news, sad indeed. Beautiful tribute...  thanks for sharing.



Yes, very nice video.

Life!  As we get older we are often reminded of it's finality.  It's sad but then, we can remember those who've gone before us and through those memories they live on.

May he rest in peace along with those other members who are no longer with us.  We miss them.


Sorry to hear this sad news about Glenn. He was truly a friend to all. A great loss.