YouTube cabin building videos

Started by jraabe, February 13, 2007, 10:57:17 AM

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I found this interesting project on YouTube from a search on "Building a cabin"



There is an explosion of informational mini-videos happening on the web. It is so inexpensive and easy to shoot video now.
Here is an inexpensive and very easy to use camera that will upload video to Youtube.

Edit your clips with the free Windows Movie Maker

Here is a new site (like YouTube) that I just discovered, it features "how to" videos. This is the section on [highlight]home and garden[/highlight]:


Very cool! Did anyone else notice that's gotta be a Canadian redneck trailer in the opening shots? That's a room A/C poking through a hole in the wall.  :)  Hey if it works, why not!  :-/

And check out his land clearing clip that ends with the ceramic tiled floor outhouse!!

He ice fishes too! and summer fishes as well. Nice fish! "Course I'm biased; I'm an ex-Manitoban... lots of great fishing and hunting there!


I don't know about Canadian rednecks with with a room AC sticking out of their trailer.

My very non-Canadian neighbors in Nashville apparently had AC power in the pits up at the drag races, so their drag bike trailer had that too.

(I don't think its redneck or anything--I think it's called making do with what you have!)


I just waited (and waited) for a very short video to load.  And then saw a guy putting a door back on its hinges.

I don't know if I learned much, but he was articulate and well-organized, and made some things I'd had trouble with years ago look, well, like the way I'd ended up doing them.

but I do hate waiting for things to load.  ;)

I'd kind've been hoping for putting the door on its hinges to start with.


Here is another YouTube video -- this one is a news report showing a house being built out of shipping containers in California.  Its not DIY but its still cool: