Remodel project on Live Webcam

Started by jraabe, March 03, 2007, 11:55:37 AM

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As I understand this site there are two brothers who are remodeling an older house and have setup a live camera in the room they are working on.

Today (Sat 3-3) they are grouting bathroom tile. Click HERE to see all the action. (Sunday is a day of rest!)

They also have other fun and interesting stuff at the site:
• Here's the dog Stella:
• There is a bedroom they will be redoing and they've set up a contest about how to design the room. They will build whatever design wins!
• Here are some short time lapse videos of some of the work they have already done.

This is a very interesting and creative web project that is now easy to do with inexpensive cameras and YouTube type video hosting.

Kinda gets you thinking, huh? These guys are selling ad space and getting hits. I'll bet they are at least paying the rent with the website.


Thanks for the link John, neat idea indeed.

You might want to post a warning, they're doing a "crack" tiling job   ;D

The dog looks relaxed though.