Michigan 20 x 34 1-1/2 story- New interior pics

Started by AAA-DAY, May 03, 2006, 02:23:20 PM

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Hi AAA! - you have done a nice job on this place. I am curious as to the link above you provided - I cannot get it to open and would enjoy seeing more pictures also. Is there a magical trick to getting this to open?


I'm not sure why it won't open. It opens fine for me. What happens when you try to open it? I will work on another link, and repost when I get it worked out.


Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Does for me now too ??? ??? [cool]

I at first thought it was server issue here or something and had a friend try off his laptop and using sprint hotspot and he had same issue. Maybe it was just a short term glitch  with them.
Thanks - and now I am off to peruse them all again.     :)


Not for me  :-[
Do I have to have an account with them or ?

I click the link and takes me to page and thats it. Once I had the spinning circles show up but nothing now????? ??? ??? ???


me either again - it did for the second try and now nothing.  :o


Today must be the charm .... the pics open perfectly!! [cool]


I am so sorry to have them stored on such a problematic site!!  ??? But I'm glad they appear to be opening for you all now! [cool]


I have looked at your build thread numerous times trying to plan something for my family and must tell you that your place looks great!


Thank you so much! It was (and still is) truly a labor of love!


P=Bucket working fine today!!!! And I agree with everyone else ....a fantastic job on this build!


I love how this came out, it's a beautiful place!


what a beautiful cabin. absolutely love it!


There hasn't been a comment on this in awhile. Maybe one of the experts can help. My question is on the wall height of AAA-DAY cabin. Are the walls 8 ft? maybe 9?


Hello' this is a beautiful cabin. The side walls don't look as tall as others.  In post 75 I believe is your answer.  They said 8 feet in the bedrooms so I think I feet.  They have done a wonderfully job as so many have done here.  Great  resource