3 Cord Woodshed

Started by GaryT, November 14, 2016, 12:59:34 PM

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After years of keeping our firewood in racks and under tarps, I finally decided to dress the yard up a bit and build a proper woodshed...especially since we were about to have 125 people here for her son's wedding.  She who must be obeyed dictated that it only be three courses deep.  And we need 3 full cords for the winter.  I don't question her dictates; I just do it her way.  So the math worked out that the shed must be 16 feet long, 4 feet wide, and handle rows 6 feet tall.  Decided to make it kind of post and beamy.
Semi-finished product (now has 1X6 pt decking spaced 1.5 inches on the ends); still needs shingles, and the braces have now all been let in to the structure, not just tacked into the outside of the framing:

Site built trusses:

2X6 floor joist system (which got covered with 1X6 pt decking:

A little detail of the post/joist set-up:

The 6/12 roof pitch and the overhang I designed allowed me to sheath the roof with no cutting on the sheathing; just 2 4X8/7/16 sheets per side.

Overhang works like a charm...in its somewhat sheltered location, even blowing rain really has no effect; wood has been in since summer.  We'll see what the snow does.


Jeff W

very nice, you going to close any of it in or just leave all the sides open? I am going to build myself one as well, Lean-to wood shelter with the back and ends closed in.


closing in the back side, too.