20x30 1.5 story near Nye County, Nevada with water

Started by Gunslinger, October 10, 2015, 07:00:22 PM

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After a several years of lurking and getting inspiration from this site, we have finally pulled the trigger.  We live and work in California and want to get out of this beautiful state for several reasons.  In 2013 we were lucky enough to find 160 acres of land the Nevada  mountains with a natural spring on the property.  Our property is less than two hours from our place in Cali.  For those who know Nevada, land and water are rare  for the right price.  Most of Nevada is owned by the federal government.  We then spent the next 1.5 years acquiring the water rights for the spring from the state of Nevada.  All water in the state of Nevada belongs to to the people.  So with the help of some good friends, we developed the spring.




On of the great things about this county is that they do not have a building codes or a permit process.  Growing up in California I was kind of confused about that at first.  So I called the assessor and she told me that they have no building permits in the county.  Her only request was for me to email her when we build so she could adjust our tax role.  That was our main reason for purchase after dealing with the bloated California permit costs.     Anyways we developed the spring and dug a 20 ft. deep well.  We then submersed a 24v Shurflo pump into the casing.




Looks like a beautiful and remote site.  Keep a close tab on your assessor, unlike the reassessment cap in California Nevada can reassess anyway they choose and can stick it to property owners.  Also noted the gold mine on your property and with surface water and a shallow well might advise having water tested for heavy metals.  Talk to the county health department about water issues.

Good luck on your project...look forward to reports on your progress.