20x40 with a bedroom wing...in Central VA

Started by deemmert, July 24, 2014, 09:33:06 PM

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Hey Forum,
  Long time reading first time poster.
My wife and I bought 2/3 of an acre (cash!!!) and we plan to build on it.
I have a good building inspector.  Very helpful and likes answering questions.
We are planning on a 20X40 (10' longer but same basic design as the 20x30 plan)
With an additional 16x33' 2 bedroom and 1 bath addition down the side.

We already got a lot of lumber!  A lot!
I got 2 26' Uhauls worth of 6x6, 5x5, and 4x4 posts (pictures attached)  Total $675
And 2 20' Uhauls packed with rough cut 150+ 2X6x16 and 250+ 1x6x16  Total $1300

So I will be posting questions and pictures as I build!

Here is the first questions?

We plan on doing a post and beam foundation 6x6 post 24"in the ground 24"-36" above grade with a 6x6 post as a beam.
The building inspector did not have a span chart for PT Southern Pine #2 6x6.
I have looked all over the web.  Any answers with legit documentation is much appreciated.

Question 2
When we sell this house in the future will the post and beam be a problem with a bank financing?



#2, yes that is a potential problem, the inspector should be asking for engineering on the pier foundation.

#1, a 6x6 post was probably not graded as a beam it is a vertical post for column loads. I do have design values for them but am leery of that use. Contact SPIB with all the information from the grade stamp and they should be able to provide clarification and documentation. Recycled, I'd say no go on using them as beams, use them as vertical members if at all possible.


Do you mind sharing your floor plan? I'm trying to figure out the best way to have a 2BR 20X40. Thanks!