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The buttons for selecting Bold, italics, underlining and strike through are reasonably straightforward to use. In case you haven't figured them out, here's a brief description. And in cae you already knew that, there's more below. These are the buttons...

The first method is to type what you have to say, then go back and highlight the word(s), then click the appropriate button. Presto!

The other way is to click the special character button before you begin to type the word. One of these codes will appear.

Your cursor will be at the mid point. Type the word or phrase you wish to have the special characters apply to. When completed use you mouse or "right cursor" key to shift the cursor outside the last ] bracket and continue as normal.

Now back to what got this thread started.
The "font size" button, illustrated below, is a little quirky.

Many of you were probably mystified like I was when I tried clicking the font button and could not get anything to change. It must be broken, passed through my mind. I looked deeper and realized the problem. It's quirky. There's only one button, not an upsize button and a downsize button. Here's how to understand this.  If you highlight some text as above, and click the 'font size' button you get something like this...

Notice the first set of square brackets contain the code "size=10pt". That is the default size of the text. To make the text appear larger or smaller in the completed message you must edit the value. I changed the font size to 12 for the word larger and to 8 for the word smaller.

Please use restraint in your use of larger fonts. We do not want to end up with some humungous sized font consuming acres of screen space. Conversely we of the senior generation do not want to endure further eyestrain trying to interpret minuscule print.

Now then, the 'font face' key...

is used in a similar vein. When you click the 'font face' button here is what you get...

The name of the default font is Verdana. To change the font face, yes you guessed it, you must edit the code. The rub is there's no list to pick from!  :o Furthermore, according to SMF, only fonts installed on the user's computer will be displayed. If I have some cool weirdo font and you don't something strange may happen. The viewing computer will pick something but I have no idea what rule it uses. ???

This text should appear in Times New Roman, if you have it installed.
This text should appear in Arial, if you have it installed.
This text should appear in Creepy, if you have it installed.

Enough for now. My new hard drives have arrived so I have some work to do.
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Thanks Don! :D

Great Demo
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