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Started by dm1333, March 02, 2013, 11:17:27 AM

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I went back to re read some old threads and noticed that a lot of photos were not viewable anymore.  It is especially noticeable in the thread by EaglesSJ.


That is a problem encountered when images have to be hosted on a service like photobucket with link backs placed in the topics here. If the photobucket account owner alters the file/folder system in any way, maybe deletes images because they are getting low on space, then those images no longer are viewable.
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Thanks, that is what I thought it might be but I've never used photobucket.  I should have printed that whole thread and all the pictures a long time ago to use as a reference since I want to build an off grid A frame.


glenn kangiser

Photobucket accounts are free so start another with a different email or a Google+ account set to public rather than deleting old photos.  Who knows - you might even want to refer to it yourself again.

Note that emails are free also so you can set up more than one even if you only use it to access another photo account.
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Sometimes people go through their photobucket later on and put stuff in different files to organize things. In that situation the picture still exists, the original poster can go back to the post with the broken link and edit the post with a link to the new file the photo is in.

John Raabe

I've been testing an alternative to Photobucket called imgur. It is very good at uploading and delivering images to the forum, and it's not yet overloaded with advertising (but they are working on it).

I have linked to a short video tutorial and then tried their "no register" method and it works well.;topicseen#msg168933
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