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Started by JJ, November 01, 2004, 11:54:56 AM

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Hi John:

I'm "of a certain age" as they say and my computer skills are less than stellar so this new board seems a little complicated to me. However, this is also one of my favourite sites and to me it is what the internet is supposed to be all about. Like-minded people sharing information that is of interest to them. If the new format will reduce (or dare we hope - eliminate) SPAM and allow the terrific information from yourself and all of the posters to continue to be available then I'll work away at it.

My project is a couple of years on now and we are in the cabin, seasonally at least. But, as has been noted in recent posts, work on the cabin is never really done and I continue to find interesting new ideas on this site.

Thanks for all the work you must do in keeping it up and running and her's hoping the new format will permit that to continue for a long time to come.


Thanks for the kind words.

Yes, this board is a bit more complicated, but I think the basics will be pretty easy to pick up.  (Once we get used to the different look.)

:o We don't always have to add embellishments.:o

And, I'm still figuring it out too.

However, you were able to open up a new topic and post a message so you are perhaps a faster learner than you give yourself credit for.

Thanks again, and best wishes on the cabin project!


Just posting to see how it works.

I've figured out how to do the smiley's - but how do you change the text color?

Bellla  :)


Let me see if I can try something...

This is a test of the RED font (using the little red "A" icon).

First select the text, then the font, then the drop down menu color. (Then I went back and turned bold on to make them stand out.)


If you click on the person's link name in a post you can send them a message that will show up as an alert the next time they log-on (upper Rt. hand of log-on screen heading "you have 0 messages").


As I get used to using this board, one of the things I like the best is that anyone can revise and edit their posts.

No more looking stupid!

If you couldn't get something like a link to work, you don't need to start over again with a duplicate post. Just click the Modify button and change whatever you said, tried to link to, the picture you wanted or whatever.

This is a great way to catch typos and even edit yourself after the fact.  (I never said that!)

PS - the Modify button is above and to the right. Right between the quote button (quotes the post to which you are replying) and the Remove button (Guess what that one does?!)


Testing Red


O.K.  I did what you said John, I previewed this and the preview looks like I'm still doing something wrong.  I highlighted the "Testing Red" text, clicked on the red A and then pulled down on the color choices.  I'll post this and see if the color shows up on posting.


**O.K., that didn't work.  What am I doing wrong?  Does it matter that I'm using and iMac?



Let's see. Try this, click the format you want to use first, then put the text inside the brackets.
I clicked bold then typed this inside the bracket symbols.

I think it might be a browser incompatibility. My Foxfire browser does the same thing. With Internet Explorer I can select the text first and then apply the formating - which is what you expect.

The Yabb forum board below might be helpful if you wanted to chase this down further.

It is user supported software and somebody probably is already working on this bug.


I like the new board, just have not had the time to use it much.

Something that I think would also be great woiuld be if you could also set up a wiki.

It would be a good tool for colaboration. Also it would alow places that we could direct people to go once a question has been asked and answered.



Thanks John - that idea works.  The browser thing is probably the problem as I am using Mozilla and that does not always work the way a website thinks it should.

(Who's feeling pretty full of herself!)