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Hi Erin,
   galvalume is just steel roofing or decking that has been coated with an aluminum deposit instead of a galvanized coating. It tends to hold up better and typically comes prepainted with a high quality paint process.
Comes in various profiles and sizes.
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I took a look at the pdf is it the Laurie Wiesel house? That isn't a post and beam house I don't believe, I think that that is a structural SIP's house. The panels weren't site built. That's the bead board foam by the way. I'm a little confused. I'm interested in hearing more about it though. I have one of Alex Wades books but not the one that you are talking about I don't think. He has some interesting ideas and was an advocate of small timber post and beam put together with metal plates which was kind of what I had in mind.


It just occurred to me that if you are timber framing, do the panels have to be structural, like SIP's are??
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Don...  lol  (Go re-read my first post and you'll chuckle, too.  ;) )
No, they don't have to be structural.  They're stress skinned panels, in this usage.  Same basic principle, without the need for specific engineering...  (or the vacuum sealing, or anything complex like that!) 

They're just an insulative sandwich panel of exterior sheathing, insulation and interior sheetrock, all in one step.
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Ah-ha! The thread is titled "SIP's" and you did point out your use does not require the "structural" part.  ;D

I was thinking timber frame exposed inside/outside like the in old British half timber tudor.   d*
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.



It has been done, sort of. The Country Plans main page, Owner's Gallery has a feature on such a venture, HERE.

This is *not* a 'SIP'!  The bonded insulation central slab is 100% required for the 'structural' bit of the name of this building system ie 'STRUCTURAL Insulated Panel'.  What you have linked to is merely a timber frame - albeit prefabricated.  A SIP structure does not require any other form of 'framework', either.  Hence the name!