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Started by jraabe, November 25, 2004, 11:23:48 AM

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On the edit bar (tag icons) the fourth from the left on the bottom row is a tiny picture frame. Roll the mouse over it for a label - "insert image". You paste the image URL between the tags.

More info:;action=display;num=1099677798


I've tried that several times with a picture hosted at tinypic and couldn't  make it work.  Maybe I'm not smart enough to do it????   Example below -there is supposed to be an image per the instructions you gave.  Glenn



I can see you tried to post this image with a tag

For some reason it works fine when you click on the link above but may be too big to be shown on the page. I just copied in into the message and it became a live link - without using the img tags. (I guess I'm learning here too) ;D

Here is a quick sketch I scanned and they uploaded to tinypic for the url. I copied this smaller image into the space between the img brackets.

You can test your tinypic image by first copying the url into a fresh blank browser page to see if it shows up correctly (images can't be too big).


Just testin to see if I figure out the posting pics...