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Started by markbrown, February 13, 2005, 09:48:04 AM

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Hello to all, and may I say this is wonderful, so much information.  I have built my own large home and now plan to build something much smaller to plan for my last years.

I teach high school math and my technical Math clases are going to totally design the house and everything about it.  

I have lost a bookmark to a site for smal homes, I think it was a .org site.  It had a lot of good links and was all about building the least house you needed but haing it work and feel bigger. I think I found it from this site or a google search of "small cabin plans' but have not been able to find it again.

Thanks for the help



Any of a bunch of sites that might be what you are thinking.

The home page here--click on "home" above.

Sarah Susanka's Not-So-Big-House site.  At one stage I liked her site better than her books, but the nice "links" section has been replaced by a professionals directory.  Her columns--first in Fine Homebuilding and now in the Taunton Press natural building magazine are often pretty interesting.  But not always terribly useful for someone who might be UPSIZING by building a small home.  I DO know people who love her books.

Christopher Alexander's Pattern Language site--one of the MOST DISORGANIZED SITES I've ever encountered.  Somewhere there there is still--I think--a plan for designing a small house for one--or two:

AHA! found it!:

Might take a look at this--it's not what I was looking for there:

Small House society?

Cool Houseplans?

Should I put these links in the links section?


Thank you, it was small house society.  I spent all day looking, thank you, let the project begin.