Started by VaCottage, February 08, 2005, 08:35:41 PM

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We are preparing to build a 20'x30' cottage with 10' wall to allow a loft.  It seems to me that a dormer over the loft area would provide more room and, since that side faces south, more passive solar gain.  Also seems that a shed dormer would provide more usable space that a gable dormer.  Any ideas on how I can design this feature?  I'm working on the drawings for the building permit now.


 We have the same idea for our cabin.... we would of loved 2 gable dormers but the pros out weighed the cons for the shed dormer.... more head room,more light and alot easier to build.I found great plans for both ,at    by garlinghouse    build it yourself project plan   shed and gable dormer additions....19.95   worth every cent  good luck..


Mikelopic suggested I could find plans for designing and building a shed dormer at  I could not find the information there.  Would you please give me additional help to find the info?  Thanks.

John Raabe

There is also a good set of dormer framing diagrams here:

Page 47 has the shed dormer.
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Great reference John!  I saved that pdf for future use.