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Started by Khalif Williams, February 09, 2005, 10:50:44 AM

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Khalif Williams

Howdy y'all,

Love this forum.  Quick question.  Building a 16x20 salt box cabin this spring.  I'm wanting to use those big plastic footing tube things so I can set'm and back fill all at once and not risk my holes (in oceanic silt soil) filling with water if it rains.  I think I'm going to use just some 5000 lb per sq. in. quick-crete type of stuff, mix it all and pour it all myself, but I'm wondering if someone might suggest something else.  I'm trying to save the expense of having a ready-mix truck do it and the time of mixing my own.

Any suggestions anyone?  Or is my plan just fine?

K. Williams

glenn kangiser

If you are mixing it yourself with a concrete mixer, you may save some more by getting a bulk load of sand and gravel mixed with a loader at the ready mix yard then delivered by a dump truck or picked up by you in a trailer or pickup- then just add the proper amount of Portland cement as you mix the bulk materials in your mixer. No way around using your time unless you find that it is cost effective to hire a helper to do it.

Depending on the quantity- part load charges etc the mixer truck delivery may be as cheap if you are ready ahead of time and don't tie him up incurring extra charges.

One more option would be the ready mix trailers you pull behind your pickup hauling up to about one yard at a time if one is available in your area.


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