12x18 Little house, your thoughts please

Started by rayn, February 08, 2005, 11:29:30 AM

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I'm building what I call a "Camping Cabin" in the woods about 1000 feet away from my vacation house (No, not a lot of extra cash flying around here - you should have seen the vacation house before I started!)

I'm thinking the 12X18 with a loft would work nicely on a peir foundation.  I wouldn't have a lot on it; loft for sleeping (cots/sleeping bags), wood stove for heat, camp stove, small table with couple chairs, little closet with portable toilet (For the kids and their friends - I'll  probably build a privy but I know some won't use it), some cabinets for storage.

Those of you who have built something this small, do you think it would work?  I guess for those of you who have the 14x24 - would have 60% of the space really impact it (also think about 60% of the cost).


glenn kangiser

No reason it wouldn't - I first started with 12 x 16 in my underground cabin then expanded from there.  The loft would make it even better.

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Glenn's Underground Cabin  http://countryplans.com/smf/index.php?topic=151.0

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Haven't built one yet but sounds like it would work.  I have a couple of thoughts:  how many kids and how old are they?  In a space that small, would a wood stove work - you'd probably have to have a very small one.  And last  but not least, be sure and have plenty of safety measures in place such as loft railings, exit window in the loft, fire extinguishers, etc. and make sure the kids know how to use them.


Well, except for the wood stove that is what I have in an 8x10 (have electric wall heater).  Works great for two, three can sleep with table and benches that convert into a bed as well as the loft.  Even have a bar sink.  In the summer we augment it with the tent trailer, but in the winter (4+ feet of snow on ground all winter) the two of us and the dog use it for nice cozy weekends.