Velsko cabin progress and floor plan?

Started by rwalter, February 05, 2005, 01:06:53 AM

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I really like the look of the Velsko cabin. I was wondering what the layout of the floor plan looked like? I would assume that the project is completed by now and it would be great if he could post some updated photos of the finished result. I would like to build some thing similar but I would consider the 16x24 layout but I would also consider using the 20x30 1/2 story cottage plans For a foundation system I planning on using a concrete block crawl space or daylight basement.  I see in the gallery photos John mentions using the simple post and pier and decking layout of the Victoria cottage plans for the Velsko cabin.

John Raabe

The 20' wide 1-1/2 story cottage plans have information on building the loft with a beam and decking system, a joists system, or a open cathedral system with exposed timber ties @ 48". You can adjust the size of the loft and use any combination of floor/roof systems.

The Victoria Cottage plans have the beam and deck information for a 16' wide cottage.
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Pete velsko

Hi, I am the builder of the velsko cabin. I am afraid that there's not too much to add since my last posting. My wife accepted a teaching position in a remote village in Alaska & I decided to tag along. I have lots of additional photos from the foundation to the interior, unfortunitely I didn't bring them with me. By the end of last summer I managed to get underground power  hooked-up and all the house siding & trim pre-painted & ready to install. Hopefully this summer I'll be able to accomplash much more! One thing I did manage to do was bring along a copy of my housing plans. The lay-out for the interior is as follows:
* Looking from the front of the cabin, the livingroom area is located on the right side of the entrance door and runs from the front to rear of cabin (9' x 15')
* The stairs are located at the rear wall in the livingroom area.
* The kitchen area is located on the left side of entrance door at the front part of the cabin & is approx. 10' x 10' .
* The bath area is on the left side of cabin directly behind the kitchen area & is separated from the livingroom by the loft stairs. The bath messures 5' x 10'. The bath is a little longer than I wanted, but in order to line-up the stairs with the loft and front door, that's what worked out best. I hope that I have been able to answer some of the questions posted. Anyone can feel free to contact me for any additional info. This is my second small cabin, the first being a log cabin.