Builder's Cottage

Started by Epiphany, February 02, 2005, 03:19:02 PM

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I was thinking that if I add 2' to the length of the Builder's Cottage (14 x 26), I would have enough room to add a European style washer/dryer combo under the bathroom vanity, and a stack of drawers in the kitchen.

Sound feasible?


Could.  Bunch easier than adding to the width.

If you're putting it on piers, adding one more pier might make the math a bit easier.

If you're using 4 x 8 pieces of materials to make your building, 4' rather than 2' might do the same thing.

John Raabe

Yes, it is quite easy to extend the length of the Builders cottage. Just make sure the foundation beams don't exceed their current spans by much - add an additional pier and respace them evenly as the building gets longer.
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Great suggestions.  I also wondered if it was possible to build a bookcase in such a way that it could replace the ladder to the loft.  Or some type of dual-duty shelving/ladder system.  


Of course.   You could do anything you wanted.

Something like a stepped tansu?

Like this expensive, gorgeous thing from Gumps:;  

You wouldn't care to have SHOES and FEET messing up the finish on that,  so I'd guess it needs to be made specifically for your space.

I'd also want it quite a bit wider than the 12" (11 1/4 for storebought boards) of standard bookcases, or whatever the 15-2 description means with Gumps' tansu).  Which probably means drawers or some other kind of pull-outs.

I've also seen pictures of rather steep steps where the treads were hinged so that there were bins beneath at least the first couple of steps--cabinets underneath the upper steps--unless of course there was a corresponding set of stairs down to the basement.

I'm kind of a fanatic on stairs, especially if there's a bedroom upstairs.  Consider waking up in the middle of the night with a serious case an intestinal virus or food poisoning, are you going to be able to get downstairs, or at least to a bathroom, before you throw up?  Live there long enough and it will happen.


That's a great idea, Amanda.  The loft would be primarily for storage so I'm looking for something with a smaller foot print.  But you gave me some great ideas for another project I'm working on!