Plans adaptible to vertical log (stockade-style) construction

Started by PacerX, January 24, 2022, 06:40:45 AM

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I have been researching building with vertical logs on the the internet and was lead here through a pinterest link.

Some background:
We are purchasing 30 acres in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan.  25 or so acres are wooded with pine that was replanted in rows decades ago, the other 5 are hardwoods.  The pine trees are tightly spaced but look to me to be easily large enough to build with.

I am trying to find plans to build a vertical log cabin that will pass muster with a building inspection.  Something around 800-1000 square feet.  The plan would be to use logs harvested from the property.  I am hoping the folks here can help point me in the right direction.

Help!  and thank you!


A little 2nd hand knowledge of exactly that, and in that area. An engineer's seal was the path forward, they chose a different direction.  You've obviously got plenty of vertical capacity. Weak in lateral bracing, racking, so that needs to be developed in the design somewhere.