"Panel Block" septic system ?

Started by cbc58, July 31, 2013, 10:11:04 AM

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Does anyone have (or ever heard of) a "panel block" septic system?   Someone selling some land with a system designed to use it and wondering how it stacks up as far as costs to other systems.


If you jump on Google there are several sites that explain panel block systems.  I would ask if that is a requirement or can you go conventional and why the decision.  I would find out if pumping would be required from the home site to the system.  That would be a deal beaker right there if it were me.  Just something else to go wrong when it is bad weather and you have company and the list goes on and now you have to replace the sewage pump.    >:(  Seems I hare they are specked out a lot when you have to pump sewage.....    ???
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Hey CBC,
I wouldn't be afraid of the panel block septic system. Coming from a designer, installer and pre-caster.  Are you somewhere in the Carolina's? The plan may or may not call for a pump station depending upon where your house sits in relation to the absorption field. Pumps have become quite reliable in the last 5-10years. We sell hundreds per year and only get about 4 or 5 that come back and that's usually due to faulty wiring jobs. If your system is designed with a panel block disposal field it may also be able to  be changed fairly easily to a stone and pipe trench. I personally do like stone and pipe better as there is more surface area on the stone for bacteria for grow and eat ... the bad parts. The key to a good septic is proper installation. If it's installed well it will last and last. Finally, do your part inside the house. Don't put it in there if it's biodegradable and don't put grease or harmful chemicals down the drown. Also don't drive on the field area now or after it's installed. 
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