Underground Bedroom with shed roof

Started by glenn-k, December 27, 2004, 02:24:42 AM

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The bedroom in the underground cabin is nearly finished-- well -- it's useable anyway.  This picture is looking north.  The windows in the corner look into the  landscaping of the uphill patio.  South facing windows look over the garden over the living room roof and to the southwest valley below.  West windows in the strawbale wall face the woods on the hillside and southeast windows look up into the garden above the living room and kitchen.  The greenhouse is over the north end of the bedroom and the uphill patio.  Soil comes up the wall 4 feet on the west and about 7 feet on the north.  The west wall from 4' to 12' elevation and the greenhouse are insulated with strawbales.  The roof of the bedroom has about 18" of soil and compost on it which provided us with 150 lbs of spaghetti squash and about 30 lbs of potatoes this year along with various other vegetables and flowers.  I think we produced enough food in the garden this year that we don't have to buy anything from the store because of necessity.  The bedroom floor is at 8 feet elevation and the high point of the ceiling is  20 feet elevation.  The peak of the greenhouse roof is at 30 feet elevation and it's floor is at 15 feet elevation which is even with the roof of the underground cabin.  The shed roof of the bedroom continues up from the main cabin roof elevation of 15'.  As John mentioned, shed roofs get pretty high if continued for a long distance.  My roof starts at 6 feet on the east side storage area and is 14' higher on the west side over a distance of about 52'.  Not all my roof is the same though.  The east sloping  shed roof of the bedroom becomes the corkscrew roof as it turns south and west  and drains water to the west.  The living room roof rotates along a 12' elevation log axis draining southeast and northwest  where it meets with the corkscrew roof of the bedroom.

The french doors to the right go out to the 8' level of the suspension (or suspended) bridge which is supported from the roof by two chains.  In the center of the bridge is a circular stairway to the 4 1/2' level of the bridge and from there down to the 0' elevation of the cabin.  The 4 1/2 foot level of the bridge goes to the french doors that go into the kitchen.


What a wonderful project Glenn. Someone needs to make a movie as you tour the house and explain the system you have evolved.