gambrel roofed barns

Started by Greenbank, May 21, 2005, 05:48:22 PM

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I did a search, didn't find anything, but wouldn't be surprised if this has been linked here before:

Basically, engineered plans for do-it-yourself gambrel rafters. The house on the front of the site is a bit of a mess, with way too many gambrel roof lines, but I'm consdering this system for my shop building. I'm not sure building your own rafters saves much money, there's a lot of material in each one. Haven't done the math yet.
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gambrel dormers in gambrel roofs where none of the lines match up?  Amazing they don't look worse than they do.

But their bi-fold doors might solve a problem for me.

I know I've seen the site at least once.  No idea if it was from the forum.  

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Here are the search results from this site and the old forum for gambrel roofs:
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