Roof Rafter Question

Started by noelk, September 16, 2020, 08:49:18 PM

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Hi All,
I am in the middle of enclosing part of the deck into a screened in room. I changed my mind about the roof after ordering the lumber and now have a situation where the longest pieces I have aren't long enough for a full rafter span but too long past the middle beam (see picture). I know the right thing to do is overlap over the middle beam but this means cutting long pieces off. The current length is just short of the second beam. Is there anything that can be done to extend the rafters without cutting them back to the middle beam? I am trying to save on the wood. Would appreciate any thoughts.


No, your rafters have to break directly over a support....gravity is a pain but at least it's predictable  ;D
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Yep.  Need to have the junction over a support.

Are your short rafters long enough to span the lower portion?  Could you slide them down the approximately 6 feet and have them reach from the eave to the mid support?  Then you would just need a shorter rafter for the upper span.
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