Hiring someone in different state to checkout land for sale (for me)

Started by z_zk_z, July 01, 2017, 04:28:12 PM

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I recall seeing an ad for hiring someone ($60) in a different state to go and check out land for sale, take a few photos, etc. I cannot find the company.  Does anyone know how to contact them? For example, let say I am in Virginia and see an ad "land for sale" in Florida.  I hire the person to go to the site and check out the place and to tell me what he thinks about it. Maybe I should contact an Uber driver.


I'd start with google earth and spy on the neighborhood. It would be mighty easy for me to collect from you and then go collect from them for delivering to you a shining report  ;).


Use zillow and google earth, both are free and have amazing amounts of info.