14x24 - OffGrid in Arizona Desert

Started by ajbremer, June 05, 2022, 07:57:03 AM

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This is my 14x24 (2x4) house I'm building here in Cochise County Arizona. It's almost 4 feet off the ground. This also is the 3rd house I've built, the first one was a 20x30 and the second one was a 14x24 with dormers. I posted my builds here years ago but photobucket messed up all my pictures and I have yet to fix those past posts. (I don't think I'll ever forgive Photobucket for doing what they did.) Some day I hope to take the time to put all the pics back in their place.

I sold the other 2 houses I built, I sure hope this will be the last one because I'm approaching 70 years old and I think I just want to sit and play some Chet Atkins tunes on my guitar instead of having to work on building a house.

I'm not a pro builder, my bird mouth cuts never seem to be right, rafter angle cuts at the ridge board never seem to be perfect, so don't expect greatness from my build.

I'll post a few pics to start and I'll try my best to continually update.

First House:

Second House:

Working on this now:

Click here to see our 20x30 and here to see our 14x24.



Nice!  Hope all is well and you are still at it?

I hate photobucket too!  I lost a LOT of picture links on my thread here and though I attempted to get them back up it just became such a challenge!  I had hundreds if not thousands of posts!