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Free detail for loft ladder

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Here is a one page PDF of the ladder and railing we use for access to a small loft. The ladder sits in a bracket on the wall until it is pulled out and braced on a rung.

Download PDF

I am unable to open that...old computer, or old user...not sure which.... ;D that is exactly what we are looking husband shpuld be able to figure it out without plans...thanks...

I may use this idea for the last 3 steps up into my cupola in the garage - still need access to the storage area over the porch.  This would allow that.

To open a PDF you have to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. It's free. Click HERE

Once istalled you should be able to click the PDF link above, open and print the file.

It looks like ladder is not fixed at the top... ???
I think it should, otherwise it may fall back when climbing on it.


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