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Advice on unstable feeling foundation

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We have built a cabin based on the 12x18 Little House Plan design. At this point, the construction is sheathed, roof on, etc (although the interior is not complete.

The structure feels quite unstable. When you move around you can feel the structure move with you. This feels pretty concerning, so we are looking for advice for what we may need to do to address it.

A perhaps related problem is that one of the two primary beams under the house has significantly cupped. I am attaching photos of this. this cupping is happening almost entirely in one corner (by the middle of the beam, it is pretty straight).

Photos here:

Your suggestions for what to do about the instability of the foundation overall as well as the cupping beam are very much appreciated!

Uhhh, the cupping is the minor issue. Check the plumb of those unbraced posts, you're about to collapse. Stay out until you crib it up tight then excavate to frost depth and put a foundation under it. How many times do we have to have this conversation. One engineer who monitored this site for awhile said he would watch the light bulb slowly come on time and time again. I realize people don't know what they don't know, that is not a foundation it is a collapse mechanism.

I call it "designed to fail"....TIM-BERRRRRR!!!!

Hmmm.  This problem was originally posted in 2016, similar photo.

Was anything done since 2016 to correct the problem?

I prefer my response in that thread  :D


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