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Free online project planner and record keeping

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Want to plan your project - schedule phases - get it done - keep track anywhere you have internet service.  I set it on a tab in my browser- that doesn't mean I'm organized enough to keep using it but you may be. :)  Easy to use with directions on line.

Project Planner

This is cool Glenn. I've written myself a reminder to say thank you. :-*

I think I found it browsing a link Amanda posted -- it looked handy for us so here it is.

Hey John - check out the remote task adding by email - it goes to your own task list free - adds notes too - details at the botom of your task list- may come in handy in Panama.  I guess you could send yourself an email and accomplish the same thing, but this is interesting and maybe useful. :)

I've seen quite a few online tools similar to this, but after checking this one out I would have to say this is my favorite. Great for projects and even for individuals in school wanting to keep track of assignments and due dates. I could see this even evolving into an account management tool.


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