16x36 in North Mississippi

Started by jhivy, October 03, 2013, 09:26:43 AM

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Have gotten a little done inside.  I now have a 2nd floor.




You don't see too many stair cases made that way. With just the two stringers. How wide are the stairs? What did you use for the tread material? Do they feel solid, not springy?

Looking great by the way, looking forward to that kind of progress!


Quote from: jhivy on July 07, 2014, 07:45:17 AM

Corrugated siding going up.  I really like the look.

I do too, and the overall proportions of the home - very early America, silhouette-wise, to my eye. 

Do you mind sharing so info about the corrugated siding?  Source, color, cost?


These stairs are just a trial set, to see if we like the way they work.  To make sure they aren't too steep, don't take up too much room in the interior, etc.  The treads are scrap 3/4 osb subfloor.  A bit spongy, but ok for their purpose.  I certainly wouldn't jump on them.  The stairs are 32" wide.

I envision making the final ones in a similar fashion, only with metal stringers.  And more solid treads. 


The siding was purchased from Reed's Metals, a regional supplier.  I have nothing but good things to say about them.  They have been great to deal with.  I was able to order panels to length, so there was very little waste.

The color is charcoal gray, one of the supplier's many stock colors.  The siding was a little less than a dollar per sq ft.  Similar cost to the Hardie panel I used on the laundry room, but quite a bit easier to install due to the weight difference.





After a long layoff, some progress has been made.  The porch roof is up.


There's elegance in its simplicity. (I took a spin through your other pictures.)

What kind of corrugated siding did you use? I like the darker color.
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How do you feel about the 16' width? I keep going back and forth between 16' and 20'. I would think that by extending the length to 36' like you have would allow for rooms to feel spacious enough. I would love to see your floor plan. You've done a great job. It's looking really good.


Hard to know now how well the 16' width works, since the house is a just a shell.  It looks big enough now, but when it gets filled with stuff, the walls may begin to close in.  I think 16' should be wide enough.  Most of the space in the house I grew up in and the one I live in now was/is wasted anyway.


It's just a wonderful job. I also love the dark corrugated siding. Did it come with a lengthy warranty?
Thank you so much for all your pictures and blogging. It is so helpful to those of us trying to plan.

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FinnChik, the siding came with a 40 yr warranty. 



Looks nice, although I thought the natural look was good too!
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Looking good thanks for all of the pics 


Looks very nice and love the style. Any rough back of the napkin sketches for the first floor layout?


this is very similar to what im working on right now.  Im shooting for 50 bucks a sq ft move in ready.  any idea where you're at on dollar amount?
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You had done great work, I Appreciate It!