Victoria's Cottage Project timeline

Started by wildrosebon, September 20, 2010, 12:58:33 AM

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Hello!  New to the forum.  My husband and I are planning to build Victoria's Cottage on our 2 acres in SE Alaska spring 2011.  I would love an educated guess for how long it might take to finish the shell and have it weather tight!  We are estimating 6 mo. with my husband working full time like a dog, in a temperate rain forest, minimal help, minimal food (just kidding).  He has a lot of experience with construction, but has not built a home solo before!  Any guesses or personal experiences would be helpful.  LOVE all the resources, help, and kindness, Thanks!   

John Raabe

I think your 6 month to shell estimate should be workable. You will probably want some extra help around when it comes time to set the beams, however the Working Alone book has some tips for even that.
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The other project pictures I have found on the forum have helped so much!  The book looks great too, we'll have to pick it up.