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Started by rickeyleee, June 09, 2017, 07:22:08 PM

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I followed this forum 2004-2008 after buying 7 acres, then sold it due the terrible economic problems that hit us in 2008.  I hated to have to sell it and have missed it ever since so when the new owner never built on it and recently put it up for sale......I bought it back.  I want to order plans here now but see that "Plan Help" is not available anymore.  Does that mean that the plan downloads aren't available?  I will need those to make revisions.  Will it be available again soon?  Thanks...... Rick

John Raabe

We have recently shut down the site. It was out of date and security and software were too expensive to maintain. The paper plans are all available at Countryplans and are the best basis for building. Those scaled plans are what most people use for their customizations and revisions. See:
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