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Started by jrscuba, April 08, 2017, 07:42:51 PM

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I bought the Little House plan and want to build a 14 x 24 building with the shed roof.  This will be a true shed, not for occupation, used to store business inventory do a little occasional work at a workbench area. It will have electric, but no plumbing.

A couple of questions:
1.  On the plan materials list, some of the 2x4s are for interior walls (the bathroom walls).  Can anyone tell me how many 2x4s would be not be needed since I won't have those walls?

2.  I want to put this on a skid type foundation so it can be portable.  So, from the back page of the Little House booklet, I see doubled PT 2x12s at the outer edge.  So for 12x24 I need 4 2"x12"x24 foot treated lumber, but if I want it to be actual "skids" (i.e. cut angled at the ends), I would need extra length.  Has anybody actually moved one of these, and was the angled skid cut important?

3.  This is going on an old mobile home pad, so there is a concrete perimeter which could support two edges and some circular concrete pads where the old mobile home supports rested, which could provide some additional support, but wouldn't necessarily be in the right place for all support.



John Raabe

Reply to question #1 - Use a 1/4" architectural scale and tic off and count the studs you want to delete from the design. Then measure and add up the plates you won't need.

#2 - Stagger the joints for the 2x12s to act as one beam. The skid cut is optional if you will be dragging it over brush, but in most cases you will likely call in a pro mover with steel beams and wheel sets.

#3 - Your only foundation bearing line is under the two Dbl 2x12 beams. If you have good bearing soil (rocky gravel) your beams can bear directly on it. If you have sandy or clay soil, dig a bearing trench and fill with concrete or crushed rock.
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