Volks plan change questions

Started by WaM696-635, September 22, 2016, 12:17:11 PM

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Hi John,

I am interested in the Volks plans, but would like to place a loft area above the second bedroom/den, swap positions of the utility room and the bath room, and place it on a basement with downslope to the front of the house (building into the hill/mountain).  What kind of problems could I encounter.


John Raabe

I think I would start by locating a full sized "U" shaped stair that will go from the basement and up to the loft area. The Volks plan uses trusses for the roof and since it is a single story plan the roof will have to be redesigned. You might look at the Universal 2-story which is set up better for this. You don't need to do a full upper floor. Just pop up what you want for the loft and do the low slope roof for the rest.
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