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Started by sgwilliams, May 22, 2014, 11:14:36 AM

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Hello all I'm new to these forums. My wife and I have just bought an old house that we are currently renovating and I have pretty much gutted the inside so I can do the work that needs to be done. Since I need room to work I need someplace to store most of our household stuff until I'm finished with the upgrade.So my idea is to build a small storage barn with a loft I'm currently designing a 12' x 20' Gambrel roof barn.

I'm a bearing design engineer by trade. I know metals and a lot about heat treatment of metal and environments. But when it comes to building sheds I'm just a novice with limited experience. I need some advice on what I have designed so far to determine if it will work and if it will pass inspection. I have read somewhere that a Gambrel roof truss needs to be placed every 16" on center, which will make a bit more work on my part and cost me more for materials. I was thinking that since most homes have a 2' on center span between trusses I can do the same for this. Is this allowed or is this a no no.

I have attached a few screen shots of what I have so far. I currently use Autodesk Inventor 2014 Premium for my CAD Software and Modeling.

Any help, tips, advice or comments are welcome. Thanks for your time.

You can view my drawings and screen shots here!

John Raabe

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You can most likely design trusses to handle the 24" o/c spacing. There are lots of roof sheathing options for that span.
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Thanks for the quick reply John Raabe :): I read somewhere that the truss had to be directly over the wall studs which are 16" on center. If I do the 24" on center there is a truss directly over every other wall stud. this seems to me to be enough to withstand any load on the roof.


double top wall plates solves that
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Quotedouble top wall plates solves that

Awesome ! Thanks! [cool]