Little house Top plates on raised flat roof

Started by jpprentiss, July 18, 2013, 01:18:23 PM

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Hi all.  The little house plans suggest raising one load bearing wall up to 4' to create a higher pitched flat roof.  They also suggest doing this with longer studs rather than building an additional riser wall on top of the 8' wall.  My question is if you build one wall at 12', how do you overlap the top plates on the side walls as the plans require?

John Raabe

Good point. I think (now) that you would be better off framing the main walls flat all around with the top plates overlapping. Then frame the front wall extension and later the sloping side walls. The structural sheathing can overlap the two sections of the tall wall and tie it all together.
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Is there a floor or ceiling diaphragm or some means of lateral support of the hinge that creates? Sorry don't know the plan.