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Started by cphillips, October 28, 2011, 07:56:38 AM

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Hello! We bought the 20x30 1.5 plans a few months back. Now we're getting ready to build but I can't find all the sections that came with the plans! Specifially, we need the one page with the different versions of stairs. I think we have everything else.

I kinda remember giving everything to our builder but he says no, he doesn't have it. Truthfully, I've also moved in the last month so it's been a bit chaotic around here. Any chance we could get another copy of just that one page?


p.s. Love having the forum here as a resource. Thanks so much.

John Raabe


Please send an email to orders@countryplans.com. I can probably send you that page. Give me more info so I can find your plan order.

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