Started by kalstar, October 18, 2011, 07:15:29 PM

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I see in the specs on the Victoria cottage there is an option for a code staircase, does anyone have a plan that shows that or a photo of a completed one. I am having a hard time tring to figure out what changes are made to make this work. I like the size of the kitchen so I do not want to change that area.  Any help would be appreciated.


Bob S.

Try looking at the (Victorias Cottage-Western Montana) post. I think it has a code staircase.

John Raabe

The standard Victoria plan has a 5' diameter spiral staircase. This is code in most places and you can check locally. In the booklet that comes with the plans is an optional right angle stair that some have used. Others have modified the kitchen and done a stacked stairway to provide access to a basement as well as the loft. That would require some local redesign and a modified foundation plan as well.
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