Any thoughts on the immigration marches?

Started by trish2(Guest), May 01, 2006, 09:18:03 PM

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I live in Ventura county, about an hour northwest of Los Angeles.  One of the surprising 'benefits' of today's immigration marches was the marked reduction of traffic on the freeways.  As long as you didn't need to go into downtown L.A., commuting today was a breeze.  If gas weren't so expensive, I would have done some optional errands today.  Did anyone else in other parts of t he country experience the same thing?

Any other thoughts on the marches?  In addition to the big march in city center, there were a lot of smaller rallies in various cities and towns.  So far no violence reported; as dark comes we all hope things will stay peaceful.


Trish, I didn't want to broach this subject because of all the potential hot issues...  :-/  I don't watch TV so haven't seen anything on the news about the protests today but have been reading a lot of different viewpoints on the internet about it over the past several weeks.  In fact, I have been discussing this very issue via email with a good friend of mine who is a school teacher.   She would have complete amnesty for all people who are here illegally & I feel that the laws should be obeyed & we shouldn't reward breaking the law.  During our discussions we have found we agree on more than we disagree but don't have any good solutions to the problem. Her main concern is making teachers, healthcare workers, etc, into policemen responsible for reporting all illegals & if they don't they are considered felons right along with those who are here illegally. She doesn't believe a person who has come here to make a better life for themselves should be considered a felon, either.   I have a problem with persons who have broken the law to live & work here, demanding rights & perks - especially free healthcare, schooling ( bilingual at that) & welfare benefits.  But I wouldn't want to be the one to have to report them...  :-/

I think that all cultures are potential enhancements to our society but at the same time, in order to have a cohesive country, there needs to be a certain amount of assimilation & loyalty to that country ie using English as the national language (use whatever language you want at home).  That doesn't mean a  legal citizen shouldn't speak out when they see wrongs or try to change gov't policies when the leaders are changing the constitution & denying United State's Citizens those constitutional rights.  I am all for LEGAL immigration & the rights that confers to those people here legally.  

I also have seen a lot of envy - you have something I want so I'll use whatever means I can to get what you have.  That leads to a breakdown in society.  We can see it happening with not only illegal aliens but with our political leaders.  At this very moment many have pledged their allegiance to the New World Order Bush Sr spoke about in 1990... allegiance to imperialism & empire.  The laws & tax structures have led to a major shift of wealth from the middle class to the poor & the very rich.  This is leading to an "elite" class ruling over a socialistic society of "useless eaters" who are expendible.  One of the goals was to decrease the world population by 2 billion by the year 2000 - maybe that is what all these wars are all about - they're behind schedule - hmmm, maybe the UN's Agenda 21 will accomplish that... wasn't a professor in the news recently, purporting that idea, also?

Anyway, I didn't leave the house today, so wouldn't know if there was less traffic on the roads...  traffic is one of the reasons I try to stay out of the cities as I don't really enjoy driving with a lot of crazy drivers a whole lot...  hmmm, maybe population control isn't such a bad idea after all  :o just kidding...  ;D


I am all for immigration... IF YOU GO ABOUT IT THE LEGAL WAY!!!!!
I talked with an illegal guy from Mexico the other day about immigration. He said, I don[ch8217]t know why everyone is so upset, I paid over 8,000 dollars in taxes last year.
I asked him, where did you get the Social Security card and number that will allow an employer to hire you? He said, at the flea market.
How many million illegals will it take until your SS# is Snatched????


We all came from immigrants the country was founded by immigrants. There should be a way to meet in the middle, make them learn english ( quit printing everything in Spanish and get rid of auto phone services in Spanish) make them get a job ( maybe no welfare for X number of years) and make them hold up an American flag, then I say your welcome to come on in, you came here to better yourself just like all the many from all the other countries before now. Just pay your own way.


Seems illegals contributing to SS is all that's still keeping it afloat. :)


There are a few hard working illegal immigrants in my area, but there are more that are here for all the free social services. If they came here in an illegal way and sold someone elses ID it's wrong... now way around that in my mind. If any of you raised children did you tell them that something illegal was only wrong if you weren't trying to better yourself??



According to this new bill that's tied up in the Senate, illegal immigrants who can prove they've been here for two years would be allowed to stay. So follow the logic here. If you can prove you broke the current law for two years, you've protected under the new law." --Jay Leno


From what I know about the people in my grand- great-grandparents generations--at least one would now be deported even after twenty years in the U.S.  (He became a State Senator), probably only one had enough wealth to come in legally and smoothly.  Another would have claimed to be a religious refugee (at least semi-true, but the country was an ally of ours), been denied entrance or deported as an economic one.

So it does bother me how much we've changed.


Well -- here are my thoughts and explanation of my thinking.

True - they may use other social services but the SS number thing doesn't seem to benefit them in my opinion.  They need a SS number to get a check so they go to the swap meet and get one.  Lets say they pay in about $30 per week from their earnings to the misappropriated SS number.  They can never draw that out as they don't match the number.  The person who's number they are using may have to prove he never worked on such and such a farm, but the gov. is of course going to keep the money.

My wife disagrees with me --but I really like to get her going ---  :)

Now, how about someone who is doing major damage to the SS system?


According to this new bill that's tied up in the Senate, illegal immigrants who can prove they've been here for two years would be allowed to stay. So follow the logic here. If you can prove you broke the current law for two years, you've protected under the new law." --Jay Leno

Stop and think about this a few minutes.  Use the follow the money line of reasoning.  Money motivates congress critters.

Since slavery was nominally abolished years ago, we needed someone to take their place.  Big corporations, giant farms and people who have the money to send lobbyists to DC or even congress critters who don't do manual labor need slaves.  Enter the illegal aliens.  They will slave away for minimum wage crawling on their hands an knees picking the grapes as fast as they can or work in cow manure two feet deep in the winter at large corporate dairies getting cows to the milkers for you to buy that nice carton for your table.  Why?---- so they can eat, feed their niño's and send a bit back to the family in their home country, and because none of us want to do it.  That's right.  Milk comes from cartons in stores.  Thousands of alien slaves are needed to manually thin the crops that would result in less visually pleasing vegetables at the store.  John Q Public is not interested in random size ears of corn or heads of lettuce that would result without slaves.  All must be consistant and of good visual quality (not food value quality - that would come from your garden or select small farms).  The ones that don't make the grade are sorted and dumped or left in the field to be plowed under.  Not economically feasible  or desirable to give to the slaves or needy.  Sales would be lost if lower visual quality food with the same food value were allowed to be eaten.

Note that my comments do not cover all cases.  Some owners treat their servants quite well.

I have lived and worked with the illegal aliens in California for 35 years.  Note that I am also only relating the story. I am not really for illegal immigration either. First generation illegals tend to be the less troublesome -- later generations that become Americanized in our public school systems tend to be the ones from which a portion of the people  become militant, destructive of others property and thinking they have entitlement to all free social services --- again a general statement that does not apply to all ---most of them are still good people.  The drug culture has a lot to do with this and affects all races- not just illegals.  


My modest proposal to cure illegal immigration is to make hiring an illegal a capital crime.  With INS agents authorized if not mandated to carry out the sentence upon discovery--any family member will do.  In the case of corporations--any large stockholder or official above the rank of vice president.

Won't have to bother deporting the illegals, no jobs? they won't come.

I love modest proposals.  Even A Modest Proposal.


I don't understand the question.  Doesn't anyone define the word "illegal" as exactly that?  We have so many laws on our books we are not enforcing - now this has just become another one.  My grandmother immigrated to the US at the age of six.  It was a long and arduous process...and it's unfair to jump ahead in line.  Do we need citizens who know the laws?  Do we need citizens who know at least a basic American history?  American Citizenship is not a right for every human being on earth.  It is a priveledge to be applied for, waited for, dreamed for and finally accomplished.  Not be be angrily grasped and impatiently wrestled from those legally entering this land.  My thought on the marches?  There they are.  Round 'em up and head 'em out.  Seriously - does immigration need to be fixed?  Then fix it.  But as long as we are a nation of lawlessness, we will not suceed.  What was that old poem - "wrong rules the land, and waiting justice sleeps".  Another view via video here:


Our leadership feels we need them here, so that is why they are allowed to remain.

Don't have a cow guys, but in fairness to Dubya, I have to say that this is a hard decision to make--- there are very few whites or others that will do the work the illegals do.  I'm not saying I condone the illegals being here.  I'm saying we must have slaves or we will not eat and big farming as well as other businesses will not have a cheap labor force.  A few will do it, yes--- but in the breadbasket of the world, up to 70 percent or more of many cities and towns are Mexican with a good portion of them being illegals.  We do not have the work force to do their jobs.  Manual labor is beneath us.  I watch these guys and gals work like dogs, long days, covered with dust and sweat so deep you can't even see their skin.  That is what it takes to grow and bring in the harvest.  White farmers cruising in new pickups and having hen parties at the local coffee shop do not do the work.  The Mexican slaves do.  

Again --a generalization -- there are always exceptions.

To answer the original question about the immigration marches -- I feel they are out of place.  If I were in their country I would never get away with pulling such a thinig, and I feel they should not do it here.  They are guests in a foreign land, so where do they get off being militant?


Sassy sent me this relevant email from work.

Dubai Company Takes Over 9 U.S. Military Facilities

By Chuck Baldwin

Food For Thought From The Chuck Wagon
May 5, 2006

As I warned earlier in this column (, a United Arab Emirates company has been given control of some 9 U.S. military facilities. The deal is now official.

According to an AP report that ran in my hometown newspaper, The Pensacola News Journal, on Saturday, April 29, 2006, "President Bush has approved the takeover by a Dubai-owned company of American plants that make parts for jets and tanks after a review that seems to have satisfied lawmakers who helped block an earlier Dubai deal." The AP report also said, "Initial reaction from Capitol Hill was favorable."

Specifically, the Dubai company takes over control of at least nine factories, including military production facilities in Connecticut and Georgia. Dubai settled the deal for $1.2 billion.

Therefore, Dubai will now take over operations of factories that produce engine components and turbine blades for military platforms. Clients include Boeing, General Electric, Honeywell, and Pratt and Whitney. Please understand that when we talk about a Dubai company we are talking about a foreign government!

Unlike the private British companies that formerly held these contracts, the Dubai company is a state owned company. Yes, Martha, that means that a foreign government, a government that has direct ties to terrorists, is now in charge of several U.S. military facilities! And the reaction to this foreign takeover on Capitol Hill was "favorable."

Not only was this Dubai deal received favorably in Washington, D.C., the mainstream media has virtually ignored the story. Be honest. How many of you even knew this happened? The story to which I alluded at the top of this column came from page 8C of my local newspaper. That's right. Page 8C. No front page or even second, third, or fourth page news for this one.

Does anyone smell a rat?

If the American people truly understood the depth and degree to which America's big business and political leaders are mired in international commercial activities, it would probably scare us half to death!

No wonder the Bush administration and members of Congress allow and even encourage illegal immigration. No wonder virtually everything we buy anymore is made outside the United States. No wonder America's factories are almost all closed down. No wonder it doesn't matter to a tinker's dam how many letters or phone calls we write to our lawmakers in Washington. No wonder our congressmen take frequent "fact finding" trips overseas (at taxpayer expense, no less). No wonder un-American trade deals such as NAFTA, GATT, and soon-to-come FTAA sail through the halls of Congress no matter how unpopular they are with the American people.

Let's face it: for the most part, America's business and political leaders have sold America down the old proverbial river! In my opinion, they are no better than Benedict Arnold!

Now we have a Middle Eastern nation, which has direct ties to international terrorism, running several U.S. factories (on U.S. soil) responsible for producing sophisticated military hardware, and barely anyone in Washington, D.C., gives it a second thought!

Of course, while the President and Congress put out the welcome mat for the UAE (and for illegal aliens of every stripe), they continue to pass legislation (or worse, don't even worry about legality) creating a Big Brother society for the American citizenry.

Believe me, the American people are constantly under Big Brother's microscope, and if you don't believe it, just try purchasing something over $5,000 with cash and see what happens to you. In the meantime, these same politicians, CEOs, CFOs, international bankers, and media moguls make billion dollar business deals with virtually every socialist dictator, Marxist government, and rogue regime on earth on a daily basis!

Until the American people shake off their infatuation with the two- party system and begin holding their elected representatives accountable to the U.S. Constitution, there will be no change in the direction of the country. Big money interests control both major parties, which is why nothing changes no matter who is elected.

So, in the meantime, the United Arab Emirates begins its takeover of 9 U.S. military facilities.

In addition, if you share the lackadaisical attitude of Congress, you might not want to read a Washington Times report stating that there are so many foreign companies controlling American facilities that we cannot even count them all. The story is located at:

© Chuck Baldwin


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Follow the leader -- let's all join Dubya as we sing the Star Spangled Banner En Espanol.

Esta cancion es un cancion buena.


Mas buena que (Arabic?) Arabe??  with an accent on the first a.

At least that's what this site seems to say--the Babylon program that's first on the list.

Of course it's always possible that the Carlyle Group really owns Dubai.


Dubya explains his border protection plans.

Thanks to PEG for this update.  Now we can all relax.  It is under control.

Note - 779k video


More links to the CFR's (Council on Foreign Relations) plan for a

Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America

CFR's Plan to Integrate US, Canada & Mexico

Comprehensive Sellout

So what happens to our Constitution?


Just a thought......

What would happen if The United States invaded and merged Mexico as a nation?

It would never happen anyway. Not enough oil down there!


There's quite a bit of oil along the gulf coast!

We could make it the 51st state--have too many Congressmen, but probably better than 12-20 Senators.


The media reported that some of these marches were the largest number of protest marchers ever in America...larger than protests against wars in Vietnam and Iraq, more than for civil and women's rights, protecting the environment, the Million Man march...if this is true, we've already lost.  If more pro-illegal-aliens people can mobilize than any other single issue in all American history, America as we have known it is already gone.