Warning... Not safe for the squeamish

Started by NM_Shooter, December 17, 2011, 04:04:44 PM

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I'm not sure what is more alarming... the savagery involved in this fight between two children, or the fact that one of the moms is openly laughing out loud. 

In any event, brace yourself before watching this video.  And don't have a mouth full of soda.


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that is so priceless.what scary ones they are.hee hee.thanks for sharing.
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 [rofl2] rofl [rofl2] :) :D ;D [rofl2]  rofl [rofl2] rofl  [rofl2] rofl  [rofl2] rofl  [rofl2]

And I'm glad to know that someone else uses "hee, hee!"

Hee, hee!


Gary O

  Oh man, Shooter, I needed a full eight count after seein' this[/b].......ROTFLMAO! [rofl2] [rofl2] rofl
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