12x16 modern manshed

Started by markert2523, May 21, 2009, 07:31:27 PM

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Pergola is 12'x16'.  I hadn't planned on any lateral bracing.  Prevailing storm winds are from the west---I guess the worst it could do is smash into the manshed and ruin two years of work ;)



we have the 12x16 floor built, we are going to try and follow your design, so far we spent 250.00 in framing lumber...... ::)


Good luck on the build.  The framing wasn't really too hard.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Hey Markert, have you chosen the granite for your counters yet?  If you have them finished, sure would like to see a picture  :)  Everything looks beautiful!

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Yup countertops are in and they look great.  I have been lazy about posting updates but I will wait for the next nice day and take a few pics.  I love my manshed and outdoor living/cooking area and use it all the time.



Hi Markert,

I'm starting new project to build 10x14 shed. I'm planning to use T&G pine planks for siding.
How your siding performed since it was installed? Was there any damage due to expansion or moisture?


Been absent from the forum for a bit.

My siding has held up quite well.  I've restained it every year with a semi-transparent stain.  I could probably go a couple of years or so now without a restain.  Only prob is wasps but really no big deal.


Markert,  Love this shed, very close to what I want to build.  Do you have more pictures or copy of plans???