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Started by sandman, June 25, 2018, 03:50:27 PM

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Hi All - we are looking for some land in AZ to have a getaway that is not in the insane state of California. We already have an offgrid place in the CA desert, but just in case things get even crazier here, it'd be nice to have a place in a conservative state that is still close to our kids.....

Seen some interesting stuff up in the NE corner by St Johns, but was wondering if there is any high elevation land closer to the CA border.....heard about some land like this NW of Phoenix, but can't find out any more about it....

I'm thinking 5000 ft elevation, 10 - 20 acres, $1000 an acre kinda stuff.......


NW of Phoenix is the Prescott Valley area. Love it up there.


Some places you might consider in NW AZ are a little north and a little south of Kingman, the Seligman - Williams - Flagstaff ($) area, which is quite nice, and north and south of Prescott. The area around Alamo lake is nice, but really high desert and quite hot in summer.

The Saint Johns area is lovely and affordable, but a lot farther away for you!

Would suggest you install Google Earth and poke around a bit in the area.

Here are Seligman area current listings:


A lot more likely to find that type of land around Saint Johns and Seligman, than the Mogollon Rim area north of Phoenix (Flagstaff, Williams, Prescott, Sedona, Payson, Show-low areas).  Too close to a huge city, and watered land is at a premium.  Also you might want to look in the extreme southeastern part of the state between Nogales and Portal, especially the edges of the Chirachua Mountains, Sierra Vista, and Patagonia.