benefits to buying land with certain trees growing

Started by redclay, March 02, 2017, 03:52:31 PM

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I was told by someone years ago that if you buy land / farm with certain trees growing you can receive subsidies from logging. Or by allowing loggers onto your property, from what i recall he said his farm truck was fully paid for due to this.

Are there states, counties and such that will subsidize living if you allow certain resources to be used?


Where I grew up, Central MA, some of the rural and even suburban towns had tax subsidies for tree farming.  This was on a per town basis. It allowed a friend of mine to live on 40 acres in a very tax pricey town, for no taxes.  He did quite a bit of work to maintain the tree farm. No idea if this still exists.  Contact your town, your County, your Cooperative Extension Service which is often based out of State land-grant colleges, and your Soil and Conservation District if it exists, for ideas.  I imagine subsidies vary a great deal between programs.


Hi hpinson,

Thanks for the information, did a little research and seems as you say i would need to contact county by county. Great to know that its possible though.