260 Acres, Adirondack Region, New York, $79,900

Started by db4570, September 30, 2012, 10:37:08 PM

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This is an old family property ½ mile from Lake Bonaparte, a few miles outside the village of Harrisville, about 35 minutes east of Watertown, a couple miles from Fort Drum. It is in the Tug Hill region, and is just outside the Adirondack Park border.

There is a solid and weather-tight cabin on the property. It is mostly finished, and the interior is paneled in very nice pine. It is built from old-growth pine from the property. It has a full basement that opens at ground level in back and has a garage space. There is a balcony across the back of the cabin, looking out into the woods.

It needs work: a finished floor, the chimney repaired, there is no central plumbing, and the block basement wall and possibly foundation need some serious attention. There are cracks in the block wall which makes me worry that the footers are not deep or solid enough. I have discussed some of its issues on the general forum here.

Of the approximately 270 acres, a few acres (probably less than 10) are dry, rocky, wooded roadfront land that is very nice. An abandoned railroad track is another of the borders, for hundreds of yards. Most of the rest is thickly wooded with old-growth forest, mostly small cedar and assorted pine, and can be wet much of the year. A stream runs through the property, and the beavers often dam it up, and the property becomes wet. It isn't swampy, but more like damp or boggy. The front of the property and cabin are high and dry.

There are a lot of deer, and at least one very big black bear on the property.

There is no water and a very small septic system, but electric can be run from a nearby pole on the road at no cost by the utility company. Water in the area is provided by wells. The property has a couple hundred yards frontage on a good paved road, and the neighbors are friendly.

This was a family property that we still own for mostly obligation/sentimental reasons. We are looking for something outside the Northeast with its cold and taxes (high-desert Southwest appeals to us). Taxes are about $2k a year, which is a shock to people not familiar with taxes in the Northeast.

It's a nice quiet place, with vast acreage, but we just don't love it any more, and it needs to go to someone who will appreciate it.

Contact me if you want more details and pictures.


Alan Gage

No interest from me since I'm not in the area but I thought that price seemed remarkably low for that much land. I assumed any land in that area, especially close to the park, would be 10 times the price. Nice to see.



Hi, Alan

Yes, I have had people ask me if the decimal point was in the right place. This seems to be a fair price for this area, however, and is about what the property is assessed at.

I think the fact that most of the land is soggy is what keeps the price low. I think it could appeal to hunters and snowmobilers, though. It's in a region famous for huge snowfall. And the cabin has potential.

A couple people are checking it out that say they are interested. So, we'll see.



I was searching Google for Adirondack Acreage, and this thread popped up.  Is the property still available?  Do you have any photos?  Is the price still the same?





The foundation has been dug out, new footer poured and insulated, and new block wall built. It was a busy fall.