Someone in the Southest needing building Materials

Started by benevolance, November 28, 2005, 04:41:29 AM

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There is a good deal on Ebay...I was wondering if Someone wanted to go splits on this lot of materials.

It is $27,000 but there are enough Materials to build THREE 24x36 buildings!

Really nice lumber... Plywood not chipboard...It is in Alabama so it is not Far away...I am in South Carolina, hour and a half from Knoxville...2 hours 15 minutes from Atlanta... 90 minutes from Charlotte...

Thought maybe someone else was looking to build a cabin and we could buy this together and each get enough to build a 24x48 cabin...

Not a bad deal for $14,000 each...There would be a shipping cost.

I dunno guys...Just talking out my arse here...I would buy the whole thing...But Glenn has not offered to lend me $20,000 ;)



Sorry, Peter--- with 20k I'd go buy some more junk equipment. :-/


It might be a good idea to include a link to the Ebay listing so people can see what is in the package.



That was a pretty good idea and pretty dumb of me...Oh well you live and learn

I talked with a guy today from a steel building company...I need to build a shop...And they have buildings that people special order (which requires 1/3rd of the money upfront before they build it) and the people never finish paying for these buildings...So I might buy one of those for the balance remaining.

48x105x16....For under $20,000

I was looking to build 40x80 or at the minimum 40x60....But I am easy to get along with if the price is right.

I am not big on the look of the cookie cutter steel building, but it something I can install myself...Just bolt the beams together and lift them up one by one and bolt them down....Pretty awesome when you think about how brilliant and simple those buildings are.

This would clean me out of mad money...So building a cabin in Nova scotia on the lake in the summer would be put off a year :'(

But we all have to have a place to work and make a living.



Benevolence,  I built a 40'x50' steel shop on our mountain property near Mariposa, CA., in 2002. One thing I learned was to shop 'til you drop for the building itself, the cement crew (assuming you hire that part out), and the doors.  There were significant price variations, and quality variations, at the time I was doing my due diligence.  A couple of places to get a point of comparison are:  and

This was my first steel building, and I hired a cement crew to dig the footings, set the rebar, and pour the mud. I built welded rebar cages, with the column studs properly located on top of them, to go into the big footing supporting each column, and I did the measuring on the forms to hang the cages in the right spot. I made plywood templates with the column stud pattern drilled in them, attached the cages to the templates by the studs with nuts, set the cage with template into the footing, screwed templates to the forms, and supported the whole works at the bottom with 'dobes to keep them level. When we erected the frame, everything fit perfect, thank heaven!

One friend and I framed the building in 3 days using a forklift and a forklift basket, both of which were worth their weight in gold.  (My friend Aaron was worth his weight in platinum!)  We did as much assembly as possible on the floor and avoided having to handle individual parts of the frame sections in the air. It took us about a month of working maybe 4 days a week to finish the building, including insulation.

Things I would do different if I had it to do again:

The plans called for a short slope in the floor on the outside of the big doors (12'x14' and 12'x12', one in each end wall) to keep water from coming in under the doors. We didn't do it because of having to open the forms in that area to allow cement truck access during the pour. In retrospect, I think I would hire an overhead cement pump. I don't get a lot of water in under the doors, but none would be better! I may try a threshold caulked to the floor to overcome this.

I would put the concrete sealer on the slab before erecting the building, instead of after. The forklift left tire marks that don't come off the raw cement surface, no big deal, but could have been avoided easily with no extra work.

I would put my frame material on a tarp, and cover the parts waiting to be used to keep them clean. Our red clay dust is about like rouge, and covers everything as it is stirred up by vehicles. Much nicer to erect nice clean iron, instead of having to go back and wash the dirt off your beams!

Things I'm glad I did:

Got the 14' eave. Leaves room to build storage off the floor, even a mezzanine type area.

Used the thin bubble-pack insulation. Here, keeping cool is more of an issue than keeping warm, and with the reflective outer layer, this stuff works well, and was much easier to install than the thick vinyl covered stuff. (Which also tends to become pretty fragile over time.)

Four skylight roof panels. They let in enough light that even on overcast days, I'm looking to turn off the lights when I leave the building.

If space on the pad had allowed, a 10' or 12' roof extension past one end wall, with cement underneath would be very useful for many things.

Have fun and good luck!



Harry, I slope the wet concrete back with a trowel to a bit behind where the door will land.  I dig out about an inch at the edge of the form with a flat shovel even after the concrete starts to firm up a little.   Always easy for me to say now, eh? :)

In the past where we were having a problem with water blowing under the door where I didn't slope it enough we used concrete bonding adhesive and added about a 3" wide x 1/4" or so high rounded bump behind the door to keep the water from coming inside.

I like your views, Harry-- obviously your place is in a very nice area. ;D


Wish I'd thought of doing it that way at the time! It kind of got lost in the process of opening the forms, removing part of the rebar, filling the footing so the truck could back in, then putting everything back like it was. Frankly, it never occurred to me to do it in such a simple and straightforward way. This is a case where just a little more thought and consultation combined with just a little bit of work would have made a difference.  Coulda, woulda, shoulda, ......

Re: the views, yes, we're very fortunate, great views, climate, and neighbors!



benevolance, just curious of where in SC because your coordinates are pretty similar to mine.  I'm in Oconee County.  



I am in Greenville County....Not happy about it either...It sucks the big one living in this county...Oconee county is like Paradise...

I am halfway between interstate 85 at exit 56 and interstate 26 exit 1.... both of these exits are for the SC hwy 14.... and the road runs about  30 miles from one interstate to the other...I am smack dab in the middle

4556 N hwy 14, greer.. 29651

I am going to start a building in the next week or two...I have 2 buildings to erect...A small and a large... Once I get started you can come over to laugh at me if you wish...

My wife, and the neighbors think I am insane I am sure you will too...The small shed I am putting up... 28 x 36...I set a budget of $1500 to get it up and watertight... A couple neighbors saw me gathering material and asked what I was doing...I told them and they justshook their head at me...

I am used to it... I remember all my college buddies laughing at me when I said I would have a house without a mortage too... Guess what..I have no mortage or debt on my house... Not the prettiest thing in the world...But it is paid for... 2 story brick farmhouse... That has just had all new tile floor installed in the kitchen and tile countertops in the bathroom and kitchen...Gawd I hate renovations...Bad enough to sort through the mess that is my life...Really aggravating to fix other people's mistakes

Oh well just have to put new facure boards and rain gutters on the house before winter and the renovations will be done for another year

Are you thinking of building something...Always good to see another face here.... Some great people that will help you... And remember never let someone else tell you it is impossible.....

If we listened to what other people told us...We would accomplish nothing!

hey I like that...I might make that my motto