Builder's Cottage - 14x24

Started by Homesick Gypsy, December 17, 2015, 10:19:36 AM

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Homesick Gypsy

Is that a 10/12 roof pitch on the Builder's Cottage?

Found a couple of builders that may be able to build this for me.  I've had the plans for years, dreaming about it.   :)

The changes I would like to make are mostly in the kitchen.  I would do a single counter across the back with the sink in the middle under the window (would make it an awning window), small water heater under the counter closest to the bathroom, and a combination washer/dryer closest to the outside wall (where the stove is on the plan).  Then on the wall shared with the bathroom I would put a 24" range and small refrigerator with an off-the-shelf small storage unit in-between them. 

I would move the small table closer to the wood burning stove and put a window about 36x48 above the table. Put a sliding glass door in the kitchen (close to the countertop) which would lead out to a patio/deck.

Rocker in the front corner by the porch and remove the window on that side, close to the wood stove.

Thinking about a gas or electric heater where the loft ladder is on the plan, having a move-able ladder/stair that comes out farther. Still working on the ladder idea.  Loft is just for guests/grandkids sleeping.

Future door to a bedroom behind the storage area.  I would use an armoire there for a closet where storage is on the plan. 

At the desk area, I have an idea to mount a small flat screen TV that would swing out if I needed access to books behind it. Put a single AC unit on that wall - disguised somewhat in the bookshelves over the desk area. 

Only changes for the bathroom would be to mount a small heater on the wall shared with the kitchen, or a small baseboard heater in the kick space of the vanity.  I would also like an awning window over the tub/shower instead of over the toilet but not a deal breaker. Might do a pocket door instead of a swing door to save space in the bathroom.

Thoughts?  Concerns?  Suggestions?  Is it do-able?

Homesick Gypsy

Forgot to add that I would probably delete the skylight - too much hail in Texas, but I would like to do a solatube in the bathroom and the kitchen.

John Raabe

12 /12 pitch on the roof. Window and kitchen changes I'd work with the builder. Once the deck is on you can work with the wall framing layout to fine tune the spaces. Tube skylights work great.
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